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5 essential tools to manage your company’s online marketing

When I talk to SME owners about online marketing issues, there is an issue that is repeated many times: what tools are the most appropriate to manage our online marketing? The truth is that I wonder this question because there are thousands of tools to choose from In the marketplace and new dozens arise every day. After more than seven years developing online marketing strategies for my projects and for my clients, and after trying hundreds of tools, I have made this selection of the five most important: Today A company that does not create value-focused content for its customers is hard to spot on the Internet. The best way to publish this content is through a blog. In this aspect there is no doubt, the best platform is WordPress. Email marketing is for me one of the most effective online marketing techniques and ROI (Return on Invesment) and something that every SME should use. To start Mailchimpes the best option for its ease of use and because until you reach the 2000 contacts in your database, it’s free ?? Sending newsletters, receiving statistics and creating automatic tracking sequences has never been so easy. Measuring the results of our online marketing actions is fundamental to being able to improve. Google Analytics gives us all the data we need to know to evaluate whether our actions are getting the results we were looking for. Although there are hundreds of web analytics tools, Google Analytics displays 99% of the data that is really important to your business. And management of social networks is increasingly common among the different tasks of an SME. In order to make this management as efficient and simple as possible it is best to use a control panel where we can see everything in one place and save many hours of our valuable time.This is precisely the biggest advantage that Hootsuite offers: manage all your Social profiles from the same site.And it is, without a doubt, the best one on the market. UnbounceUnbounceThis is the last tool I have added to my list of essentials. Before we knew it, to create a landing page we needed a designer to design it and a programmer would program it. The process used to last a day or two. Now with Unbounce we can create landing pages in minutes without having any knowledge of programming or web design. It’s as easy as dragging the elements you need: images, texts and registration forms or buttons and organize them correctly. The quality of the result along with the amount of time you can save makes it one of my favorite tools right now.