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Marketing automation for Business

Marketing automation is the use of computer software to carry out marketing actions in an automated way. Thanks to it, the company can carry out processes that would naturally be difficult and obtain more efficiency and greater control over them.Complex marketing processes that, naturally, would be difficult or not made to do. It provides more efficiency and reduces personnel costs and time. The company has greater control of marketing actions and, in addition, can do a detailed investigation of its impact. It allows to design processes of education and automatic maturation of a database. Thanks to the automation of the marketing, it delivers the email and the ideal content, to the right user and at the right time. They also allow you to automatically detect the records that are more prepared to receive a commercial offer taking into account your profile and your behavior with the company.Thus, as examples of automation, it is important to mention the nutrition of lead nourishing lead chains of emails that are artificially sent after visitors to a site carry out a concrete action) and annotating lead The conduct qualification, Procedure by which it evaluates in which phase of the process of purchase is each lead that appears in the database of the company. These two procedures are essential to transmit to the users the benefits that can provide the product or service of the company and bring them closer to the purchase.However, the automation of marketing does not end here: it also has application in other areas of marketing and loyalty. In addition to the automatic education and maturation of a database, we also see it applied in the software application shipment processes, in order that the user has just understood how the application works, or that it does not stop using itMarketing departments have undergone a process of technology in the last 25 years, especially since the emergence of the first search engines on the Internet, one half of the 1990s. A scenario in which the analogue gives way and in which Each More information and more tech-savvy marketing supports such as Google .