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How Psychological Creativity is essential to human – The Importance of Stimulating Creativity


Creativity is fundamental in social progress and welfare. The capacity we have to change things and people through creation is key to finding solutions to the challenges presented to us every day, to improve our life, our environment and, consequently, our society. For some researchers we are Facing an authentic creative crisis.

The significant decrease in (physical) strength score since 1990 indicates that in the last 20 years, children have become less expressive of their emotions, less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less comical, Less vital and less passive, less perceptive, less apt to relate seemingly irrelevant things, less synthesizers, and less likely to see things from other perspectives.

This was one of the conclusions of an analysis of creative measures by Kyung Hee Kim, based on data collected from almost 300,000 American adults and children. In the social moment that we find the development of creativity is fundamental.

Creativity is the meeting point between imagination and reality, the door both to our emotions and to our knowledge; Is a fundamental right of the child and a human responsibility.

Actors such as Parra & Gómez (Creativity for parents) and The Creativity Institute created guides to encourage creativity: When the child asks something, ask about what he thinks.

Offer the opportunity to play role-playing, wherever you go The position of child and give tools to your child to resolve conflicts and learn from dangerous situations.

Encourage your child’s five senses. Builds self-esteem Increases self-awareness Develops communication Favors socialization Fosters integrity For some researchers we are facing a real creative crisis.