Monthly Archives: April 2016


There are 2 billion millennials in the world, 32.8% of the population. They are children of the crisis, they dominate the technology and they value the experiences above the possession. This generation born between 1981 and 1996 has changed the habits of consumption and precisely they are in those differences in which they fix the marks to elaborate their new strategies of communication. The companies need to understand and to assume the new habits of consumption of the millennials to adapt Their communication to the experiences they seek. These young people work around social networks and consume information through mobile devices. The experiences that values ??this generation so much also have to be offered through business communication. Each message, every communicative act, must offer an experience with which the recipients can interact. Corporate communication should be brief and very visual. This 2017 communication should be ephemeral and based on images, hence the success of social networks such as Snapchat. Mobile devices are the main tool used by young people to learn, entertain, interact and even consume more traditional media such as television Or radius. Millennials value mobility above all, whether through a smartphone, tablet or smart watch. Thus, companies will have to adapt their websites to all these devices and bet on own applications that improve their shopping experience or contracting services. Corporate communication should be personal. No more general messages for all audiences: new consumers value personalization and communication in real time. Companies that want to attract this audience will have to bet on tools that allow this individualization of messages. In a world where technology allows companies to know where their customers or users are, corporate communication must adapt to the situation of each person. From advertising or promotions to informational messages, they must adapt to the context of each client: location, profession, friends … This will be the challenge of this 2017 for brands in communication. Millennials discard everything that is not content of their interest, so the experts will have to work on creating interesting and attractive content.